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Field Studies

Mineral Resource Studies

Mineral Resource Studies

USGS Report 2016

BLM Technical Report 2002

DOI Geological Survey 1977

Project Field Studies

Project Field Studies


Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project Economic Impact Analysis (July 2019)


Assessment of Potential Changes in Wetland and Riverine Functions for the Proposed Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska (January 2017)


Evaluating Differences in Household Subsistence Harvest Patterns between the Ambler Project and Non-Project Zones (August 2016)


UAF Final Report (December 2015)

Fisheries Report (November 2015)

Habitat Report (June 2015)

South Fork Koyukuk River Fish Surveys (March 2015)

Sound Analysis (March 2015)

Terrain Report (March 2015)

Economic Impact Analysis (February 2015)

Subsistence Study Upper Kobuk (February 2015)


Visual Analysis (November 2014)

Stream Habitat Surveys of Proposed Bridge Crossings (October 2014)

Wetlands Report (May 2014)

Snow Survey Results for the Central Alaskan Arctic (February 2014)


Hydrologic and Hydraulic Field Reconnaissance Report (November 2013)

Raptor Surveys (October 2013)


Anadromous Fish Surveys (June 2012)

Breakup Report (July 2012)

Subsistence Data Gap Memorandum (May 2012)

Wetlands Report (April 2012)


Field Reconnaissance Memorandum (November 2011)

DOT&PF Studies

DOT&PF Studies

DOT&PF conducted a reconnaissance study on the Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Road from 2009 to 2012. The following reports were published as part of the DOT&PF reconnaissance effort.

Summary Report

Executive Summary

Preliminary Hydrology Reconnaissance Memorandum

Baseline Cost Memorandum

Corridor Development Memorandum

Design Criteria Memorandum

Geotechnical Memorandum

Environmental Overview Memorandum

Conceptual Port Cost Evaluation Report