Tribal Liaison Program

What is the Tribal Liaison Program (TLP)?

The TLP helps ensure Alaska Native Tribes are influential in guiding development of the Ambler Access Project (AAP). Tribal liaisons (TLs) serve as an important voice for issues affecting archaeological sites, historic use areas, and culturally significant places. TLs help project developers understand the cultural or historical significance of artifacts or sites, while also sharing information about the project with their home communities. The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) is actively collaborating with tribes to build a robust and meaningful program. The overall goal of the TLP is to create multiple roles, both field and community based, for tribal entities to participate in and contribute to the project’s ongoing cultural resources management activities. During the 2021 Field Season, 39 of the 59 cultural resource study areas and approximately 691 acres were surveyed. Throughout the 2022 field season, TLs will continue to support cultural surveys and provide expertise which will help shape the initial design of the project.

Types of TLP and Local Hire Positions

Field-Based TLs provide support to the archaeological and cultural survey field teams as they continue pedestrian surveys, testing, and documentation of identified cultural resources.

Community-Based TLs provide support for the overall AAP Cultural Resource Management program as they assist with the development and implementation of field contractor training and review of project documents/reports, maps, and other information.

Archaeological/Cultural Technician/Interns will participate in field activities under the direction of the Archaeological Field Team Lead. While not technically part of the TLP, these positions are part of a local hire initiative and support the TLs with knowledge of the region, historic sites, and culturally significant practices.

Community Engagement

People with cultural and traditional knowledge are key to a successful cultural program. The TLs who participate in this program are the link between the past and present. Engaging communities is a very important aspect, it offers information to be shared and knowledge transfer from their home communities. The TLs have been actively participating in Tribal and Community meetings, performing interviews and documenting data. Participation in the local schools, community organizations, and other activities are part of future planned community engagement.


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