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Community Engagement

Subsistence Advisory Committee(SAC)

Guided by traditional knowledge of Alaska's land, water, and animals, the Subsistence Advisory Committee is an integral voice guiding responsible development of the AAP. The committee members hail from 9 local villages and are each knowledgeable of traditional and subsistence practices and resources around their respective communities.
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Workforce Development Group(WDWG)

The AAP has the potential to create thousands of new jobs in Northwest Alaska. The Workforce Development Working Group was established to create pathways to these opportunities for workers in the Doyon and NANA regions.
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Tribal Liaison Program(TLP)

Guided by respect for the long history and customs of Alaska's Native People, the Tribal Liaison Program was established in cooperation with the indigenous people of the Doyon and NANA regions along the proposed corridor. Tribal Liaisons are members of local Tribes who provide important insight and collaboration as part of the project's ongoing cultural management activities.
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Currently the AAP is in the Pre-Construction phase of the project, completing necessary studies to support early design of the proposed road and ensure the minimization of environmental impacts. Information from the Subsistence Advisory Committee (SAC) will also be used to further protect the environment and subsistence resources. Construction will not begin until AIDEA receives financial commitments to cover the road's construction and operations.
No. The purpose of the road is to support exploration and the commercial transport of resources, equipment, supplies, and personnel to the Ambler Mining District. While commercial transport of goods and services is not a primary purpose, it may be possible under the same rules of the road as mine users. Personal use such as hunting, fishing, and small-scale mining is prohibited. If it is built, this will not be a State road and will not be open to the general public.

A recent article by the AK Headlamp provides further information about the private nature of the proposed road.