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What is the Ambler Access Project?

The Ambler Access Project (AAP) is a proposed 211-mile, controlled industrial access road that would provide access to the Ambler Mining District in northwestern Alaska. The area currently lacks the transportation infrastructure necessary for the development, construction, and operations of potential mines in the district. The Ambler Mining District is a large prospective copper-zinc mineral with extensive deposits of critical minerals and other elements making this a secure, reliable US supply-chain resource essential for our nation’s tech-focused economy, green energy products, and military effectiveness. Developing the mines within the district is expected to provide employment opportunities for more than 3,000 total jobs during construction and an estimated 1,800 total jobs supporting Alaskan families during operation of the road and associated mines.

Current Status

October 2021 | The Ambler Access Project is currently in the final Feasibility and Permitting Phase following an extensive federal permitting process. During its first field season, AAP’s team of contractors and local hires performed Cultural Resources, Hydrology, Fish Habitat and Land Surveys at over 50 sites investigations at the John, Wild, and Koyukuk Rivers. The 2021 summer field season ended mid-October.

2021 Summer Field Season Highlights

  • On-boarded contractors to perform nine critical components to advance the feasibility and permitting activities, they include the following contracts: Outreach and Independent Cost Estimating, Cultural Resource Surveys, Design Hydrologic and Hydraulics Analysis and Survey, Environmental Permitting, Facilities & Communication Tower Design, Geotechnical Investigations and Drilling, Logistics, External Communications Manager, and Stakeholder Outreach. During the request for proposals, the Project team set a target goal of dedicating 10% to 35% of contract value towards proposals that incorporated Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) companies.
  • Conducted surveys and performed hydraulic and hydrology reconnaissance at 10 bridge locations.
  • Fish habitat study data are still being evaluated.
  • Cultural survey fieldwork was conducted at 39 of the 59 cultural resource study areas with approximately 691 acres surveyed. 
  • Cultural survey fieldwork crews included tribal liaisons and observers to conduct pedestrian surveys, testing, and documentation of identified cultural resources. The Annual Fieldwork report is due in December 2021.
  • Cultural liaison and bear guard services were provided by Doyon or NANA shareholders.
  • Subsistence Advisory Committee Working Group established.

Next Steps

Planning for the 2022 Field Season is underway and must be submitted to BLM by March 1, 2022. The Subsistence Advisory Committee Working Group has been formed and is meeting regularly to establish the members and policies of the Subsistence Advisory Committee. An update on this committee will be announced in December 2021.

Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project Area Map

Did You Know?

The Ambler Access Project is a private controlled industrial access road and is not for public use.

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