Workforce Development Working Group

A working group addressing workforce development was formed based on feedback received from the Subsistence Advisory Working Group. The Ambler Access Project is expected to create thousands of new jobs; it is essential that those in rural Alaskan communities have the training and education needed to access these new job and career opportunities. The Working Group will help the project’s leadership identify job and career pathways including needs for training and development resources. The Workforce Development Working Group met for the first time in Anchorage on January 12, 2022.

Current Workforce Development Working Group Membership

  • Fred Bifelt (Co-Chair), Huslia
  • Larry Westlake, Sr. (Co-Chair), Kiana
  • Wilmer Beetus, Hughes
  • Stanley Ned, Allakaket
  • Nellie Griest, Shungnak
  • Henry Horner, Kobuk
  • Liz Cravalho, NANA
  • Jamie Marnude, Doyon
  • Dave Heimke, AIDEA
  • Kevin Torpy, Ambler Metals