SF299 Consolidated Right-of-Way Application


Table of Contents



The Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project (AMDIAP) concerns the application for an ANILCA right-of-way application for an approximately 200-mile industrial access road from the Dalton Highway to the Ambler Mining District in northwest Alaska.



Section 00 - Introduction and SF299 Application Form


Section 1 - AIDEA Supplemental Information


Section 2 - Corridor SF299 Supplemental Narrative


Appendix 2A - Corridor Supplemental Tables


Appendix 2A - Corridor Supplemental Figures


Appendix 2B Figures - Corridor Supplemental Map Sets


Appendix 2C - DOT&PF Summary Report


Appendix 2D - DOT&PF Interim Guidance and Standards for Naturally Occurring Asbestos Material Use


Appendix 2E - Fisheries Survey Reports


Appendix 2F - Preliminary Wetland Delineation Report Excerpts


Appendix 2G - Desktop Wetland Delineation Report, Eastern Portion of the Corridor


Appendix 2H - Raptor Survey


Section 3 - NPS SF299 Supplemental Narrative


Appendix 3A - National Park Service Tables and Figures

NPS Tables

NPS Figures


Appendix 3B - National Park Service Map Sets


Appendix 3C - Preliminary Visual Impact Analysis (GAAR)


Appendix 3D - Environmental Sound Analysis (GAAR)


Section 4 - BLM SF299 Supplemental Narrative


Appendix 4A - Bureau of Land Management Figures



Section 5 - USACE Section 404 Permit Application


Appendix 5A - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Supplemental Figures



Appendix 5B - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Wetland Map Sets



Appendix 5C - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Typical Sections


Appendix 5D - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application Land Ownership


Section 6 - U.S. Coast Guard Bridge Permit Application


Appendix 6A - U.S. Coast Guard Tables


Appendix 6B - U.S. Coast Guard Waterway Characteristics


Appendix 6C - U.S. Coast Guard Application Figures and Typical Sections


Appendix 6D - U.S. Coast Guard Consultation Authorization Letter


Appendix 6E - U.S. Coast Guard Summary Report of Coordination


Post Application Submittals


Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wetland Delineation East 50 Miles

The BLM Alternative Wetland Mapping Methods

Communications Amendments

Additional Information Submitted


Link - AIDEA DEIS Final Comments - 2019


Link - BLM NEPA Document Website                            


Link - NPS EEA Document